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Idea for house decor and family activity

If you are suffering from activities that are not suitable for family members to participate in, and do not have good ideas for activities to promote family relationships, then I recommend you this product, its name is Prime Steam Express, the process of assembling takes a little time, but if It's family members who got involved, and after finally assembling this product, I bet it will be very fulfilling and memorable!
Let's first look at the basic information of this product;
Assembled Size: 307*67*82mm (12.08*6.23*3.22 inches)
Package Size: 228*153*12mm (8.97*6.02*0.47 inches)
Wood Pieces: 308pcs
Weight: 205g
Estimated Time: Around 4-5 Hours
Note: It's a motionless model. No glue needed
The assembly process is also very simple
1. Open the beautiful package
2. First read the assembly process as a whole to understand the general structure of the entire product
3. Remove each part step by step according to the steps that the assembly instructions say
4. If you need to use tools, be sure to use tools to disassemble and assemble to prevent fingers or damage to assembly parts
After the assembly is completed, you can see that this product is very amazing.
Prime Steam Express MC501 is a 1:80 scale model of ancient steam train in the 1860s. Realistic details like steam whistle, shaft wheels and a detachable tender, all make it an exquisite decor for your home.
Let's take a look at the physical map and feel the beauty of the details

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