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How to choose the right puzzle toy to the favorite person?

Send a gift, or you need to be divided, choose from the object of the gift:

Send parents

Key words: practical, intimate, such as health products, skin care products, clothes.

2. Send a lover

Keywords: prevailing. Send love or send men / girlfriend, you can choose gifts according to the other party, such as girls can send jewelry, cosmetics, etc., boys can send electronic products, wallets, etc.

3. Send friends

Key words: warm, enough to express your heart. Such as exquisite bookmarks, small crafts, candies, etc.

4. Send customers

Keywords: souvenir. Products with a certain commemorative mean, such as luxury, etc., the gift of customers is mainly to be dominated.

The above is some of the gifts before the adult, how to give a gift for children?

The children in this article apply to children aged 3-12 ~

If it is a little boy, you can give a car, a cute cup, etc. If it is a little girl, you can send beautiful clothes, plush toys, Barbie, and so on.


When giving a gift to a gift, we can send some challenging toys. For example, puzzle, building blocks, graffiti panels, and Rubik's Cube are suitable as small gifts.

The main significance of this gift is:


Puzzles, building blocks, graffiti boards can cultivate children's thinking ability and hands-on ability.

2. Challenge

Challenging gifts can make children meet "difficulties" and "challenges". After these contents get solutions, you can increase your child's ability to solve the problem.

3. Knowledge

The puzzle can bring a certain knowledge, we can send a storyline to the children through the puzzle screen, explore the future of the story. We can choose the movie like children as a puzzle, which can also cultivate the puzzle of children.


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