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How should the toy puzzle choose?


The toy puzzle although the work is simple, but the buying skill is still very much, Okpuzzle recommends that you consider the following three points during the choice of the toy puzzle:

1, toy puzzle material

Many people think that the material is a bad thing, but the material of the puzzle determines the quality of the puzzle, and the material of the puzzle is generally divided into three major categories: wood, paper, plastic paper, for the child, best Choose a paper puzzle, and the thicker, the more hard the paper puzzle is more resistant, and it is mainly necessary to see the thickness and hardness of the puzzle when purchasing.

2, pattern and printing of toy puzzle

The pattern and printing of the toy is very important. The first thing is that the pattern should not be too abstract. It is necessary to have a certain story. You can let the child tell the story from the figure. It is too abstract that the child is not easy to understand, it is too simple to fight. Secondly, the pattern color avoids a lot of repetitions, which will reduce overall difficulty and fun; and do not recommend excessive repetition details, this will increase the difficulty to reduce fun.

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3, cutting and snipping of toy puzzles

The cutting of the puzzle is also very important. First, you must be the kind of straight down, otherwise the edge sharp is easy to hurt the hand; after cutting out, it will become a tiara, and the tile has a very hidden attribute, this Point is very important to children.

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