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How should parents guided during the child's puzzle?

Many parents feel that although children like to play puzzles, they don't know how to guide their children to play puzzles. In fact, playing puzzles is a parent-child activity, but also need parents to participate; so Xiao Meng Toy City prepared three Steps, parents can guide children to play puzzles in accordance with 3 steps below, participate in the baby's growth:

First of all, the enlightenment is simple: for each development stage, choose the right puzzle, handbed board, straight skeleton, with the floor puzzle, 4 pieces, 9 pieces, 12 pieces, etc., the simpler, the simpler, the simpler of the first time to play the puzzle. The better, the child within 2 years old, you may wish to start from the handball, the more simple, the easier, the more you easily cultivate your child's self-confidence;

Secondly, the pictures should be selected: to understand the baby's preference, according to the child's preference to choose the puzzle, the color of the puzzle is as bright as bright. The boy can choose some car puzzles, boy girls' puzzles of small animals. There is also a cartoon image in the cartoon of your baby, it is also a good color choice!

Finally, guiding accompanying can not be less: Puzzle is also a parent-child activity, accompanying and guidance is also technically. When the child is spellative, we may wish to put down the things in your hand, carefully look at each step of the baby puzzle, give appropriate help when he needs to guide it. The guidance here is not guidance, but instead inspires the child to think: Which edge is it?