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Are you looking for a suitable gift for friends?

Are you looking for a suitable gift for friends? If so, don't close it. The saxophone model recommended by okpuzzle today must meet your needs.
This product is called rolife accordion tg410 3D wooden puzzle. It has the following characteristics:
Robotime-Rolife Accordion TG410 is an easy DIY wooden saxophone model. Great 3D Wooden Puzzle &Toy for both adults and kids. It is the best Educational toy and holidays gift (such as Christmas, Birthday )Gift for Boys Girls, Teens & Adults, Lovely Home Decoration.
The assembly process is also very simple
1. Open the exquisite package
2. First read the assembly process as a whole and understand the general structure of the whole product
3. Remove each part step by step according to the steps described in the assembly instructions
4. If you need to use tools, be sure to use tools for disassembly and assembly to prevent getting fingers or damaging assembly parts
After assembly, you can see that the product is very amazing,
Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆
Precise Laser Cutting
Assembled Size: 170*75*95mm
Wood Pieces: 152pcs
Now let's enjoy the physical picture and feel the beauty of the details

Rolife Accordion TG410 3D Wooden Puzzle